Protecting your home, your family and your possessions has never been easier. CleverLoop is the smart home security system that learns what’s normal and what’s out of the ordinary. And because CleverLoop is camera based, instant video alerts to your smartphone let you see what’s actually happening and act quickly.


Whether you’re in a house, an apartment or have a holiday home, CleverLoop helps you keep an eye on things by connecting security cameras into your home WiFi network.
And because one camera sometimes just isn't enough to cover everything, CleverLoop supports multiple cameras, including all-weather outdoor cameras and wide-angle indoor cameras
If a home security system provider charges for smart detection features; or to view, cloud back-up or download your own security footage; then you’re paying too much.
CleverLoop provides an extensive, feature rich service without the monthly fees, saving you hundreds every year.
Use outdoor cameras to stop trouble before it enters, and indoor cameras to secure the inside of your home.
The CleverLoop app will take you through short step-by-step set-up videos. Simply plug cameras into power, connect to your network using a strong WiFi signal or cable, and you have a smart home security camera system.
CleverLoop’s technology goes beyond traditional security systems by using clever learning algorithms to see, learn and understand what’s unusual versus what’s trivial.
With a bit training and fine-tuning, CleverLoop can tell a cat or swaying tree from a human, so next time your phone buzzes, you know it's something critical.
Equipped with Geo-Fencing technology, CleverLoop can automatically disarm when a family member comes back home, and re-arm once everyone has left. Or set time schedules to arm and disarm the system. Worry-free security that also reduces false alarms.


Protect from Burglary
Whether you are out shopping or on holiday for a month, a security camera system is the next best thing to you being in your home.
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Kids are Home Safe
Mobile phones are great for checking in with your kids but sometimes it's nice to be able to see that they are home and see what's happening.
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Watch for Deliveries
A CleverLoop video surveillance system can alert you that you have had a delivery even if you aren't home.
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It's hard not knowing if your home and possessions are safe and secure when you aren't there. Having WiFi security cameras where you need them, rapid alerts to your smartphone - but only of unusual activity, the ability to instantly see what is really happening, and having video evidence securely stored in the cloud all mean that CleverLoop always has you covered.
A home camera system lets you check that your kids have made it home from school, or that the “little” party your teenagers are having while you are away is staying under control. If your cameras are set up with security in mind then some are likely to be in places where you will see your kids at home too.
But if you haven’t ended up with the package it’s hard to know if the courier really did deliver it, if someone else in the house signed for it but hasn’t given it to you, of it got left at the front door, and later got stolen. A strategically placed surveillance camera can record all the details for you and help set the record straight.
Monitor Pets
If pets are part of your family, you know that there are often times when you’d like to be able to check up on them.
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Capture Family Moments
It's always a dilemma. Do you join in with celebrations and special events or do you take photographs or film them instead?
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You might be in the garden, or out of the house for a few hours, and your pet might be getting old, be ill or have a medical problem, but with a CleverLoop home camera system you can see how they are doing, listen in to any noises they are making and if you think it will help you can even talk to them via the cameras.
Most people use CleverLoop as a home security camera system, but with high definition, WiFi connected cameras that you choose the placement of, it can just as easily be an automatic system for continuous recording of special family moments from multiple angles, direct to your own hard drive. You can know that you are catching all the fun on camera without missing out yourself.


Front Door
Side Windows
Back Yard
The main access into your home is a great place for a WiFi security camera and can take advantage of a tactic thieves often use.
It's common for burglars to knock or ring at a front door as a way of checking to see if anyone is home before they start looking for the easiest way to break in. This gives your CleverLoop video surveillance system a chance to get good look at them, and if they then appear on another camera somewhere else around your house, it's probably time to call the police.
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With vehicles, tools, garden equipment and stored household items, garages are an obvious target for thieves.
It could be a serious break in, or an open door and an opportunistic passer-by, but either way, your garage is worth protecting. Located either inside, outside or both, CleverLoop home security cameras let you keep an eye on your garage, receive alerts about unusual activity, and securely store footage of anyone trying to break in, or stealing your equipment.
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After checking the front door, side windows are likely to be a burglars next stop on a tour around your home.
As a potential entry point, or just a way to see which rooms to head for once they are in, thieves looking in can easily be seen by WiFi security cameras looking out.
With the ability to tell the CleverLoop system how much of a person a camera might see, and the smart learning filtering out movements like trees blowing in the wind, a camera that watches a room and sees out of a window is a great way to protect your house.
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Backyards often provide burglars with the perfect cover to get to your home without being seen from the street or the house.
Backyards are also a very demanding location for any security camera system. Pets, trees and wind fool most detection systems, and mean constant false alarms. The CleverLoop smart algorithms that rapidly learn from what you decide is and isn’t important mean that if you get an alert from a garden camera, it won’t be a suspicious tree, or a dog looking to steal your TV.
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As an obvious approach to your home, your driveway is also an obvious location for a surveillance camera.
Getting an alert on your mobile phone that someone is coming down your driveway can give you a very useful advanced warning. You could check to see if you recognise them, or if anyone at home is expecting a visitor, or start to live view other cameras in and around home to see where the person heads next, or even just call the police straight away.
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I would recommend your product to anyone who is looking for an economic yet high quality solution.
I tried a ton of cameras untill I stopped returning them and kept your system. I also love your customer services and responses. Thanks again.
I set the entire system up in an hour.
Really appreciated that the system absolutely worked as advertised. One camera hard wired to the router and the other 3 running wireless.
These cameras do not disappoint!
Aside from the cameras working as advertised, the IT support these guys have is amazing. I don't think I have ever experienced faster response time from any other product.
Protecting our home and office
We live and work from our 3 level house. The CleverLoop system has given us peace of mind knowing our property is now under reliable video surveillance.
Perfect for monitoring renovation work.
I wanted to be able to monitor and record progress and be aware of anything unususal happening while builders were on site and the house unsecured. read more
Caught a burglar with CleverLoop!
We didn’t lose a thing and the cost of this awesome device was thousands less that my insurance deductible!
Keeps an eye on my house so I don't have to
CleverLoop is a package that has the right blend of easy-to-use, always-on, no-fee and compatibility.


Base Station
Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
Support up to 4 HD cameras, outdoor and/or indoor
Smart in-home analysis with rapid learning algorithm
Processor: 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 Quad-core
Bus: DDR 800 MHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Storage: 8 GB on-board storage
Instant alerts and mobile applications
Live-viewing of cameras
Optional scheduled inactive times
Offline alarm
Width: 4.33” (11cm)
Height: 1.18” (3cm)
Saves 7 days of event video clips with optional cloud storage
Free and unlimited downloading and sharing of event video clips
Supports external USB storage devices for CCTV like continuous video footage storage*
* With default 720p recording resolution, a 1TB hard drive can save up to 45 days of continuous video footage.
720p HD Camera
Wide angle FOV Lens
2-Way Audio
Automatic Night Vision
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
Wire Ethernet
9ft / 3m Power Cable Length
Plug Fits Standard Wall Sockets
Compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE) kits*
*Not supplied
720p HD Camera
60° FOV Lens
Water Proof
Automatic Night Vision
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
Wire Ethernet
9ft / 3m Power Cable Length
Plug Fits Standard Wall Sockets
Compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE) kits*
Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F / -20C to 60C
*Not supplied


Catching vehicle license plates at night

One question that we get on a fairly regular basis is “can a CleverLoop security camera system get usable footage of vehicle license plates at night?”.

The simple and honest answer is sort of, but not with any great reliability, but as with many things, the issue isn’t straightforward.


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