Small business owners have spoken! They are looking for a smart security camera system that:

Captures continuous, HD surveillance footage from key zones for reviewing later.

After-hours, sends instant video alerts to a smartphone at the first sign of trouble.

Doesn’t add another monthly overhead, or more work for owners or staff.

All of this plus more - welcome to CleverLoop.


Using an app on your smartphone, a Base Station packed with features and the option of indoor and outdoor cameras, CleverLoop helps keep your business safe and secure, inside and out.
Whether you’re away for a moment, home for the night or out of town on vacation, CleverLoop video security gives you peace of mind, and your business the protection it deserves.
Shoplifters Busted!

As well as providing this retail business with video alerts of any after-hours activity within the premises, they captured this footage, and the shoplifters thanks to the Police, using CleverLoops continuous video storage feature. Check out these shoplifters at work.

When you’re finished for the day, you want a powerful and smart security camera system that keeps working for you. CleverLoop uses unique learning algorithms to filter important activities from trivial movements, sending instant video alerts directly to your smartphones when it matters. False alarms are a thing of the past.
Camera systems for business use let you to keep your finger on the pulse by live viewing what’s actually happening. From your smartphone you can see how busy your business and staff are, view what your customers are doing, or simply check that everything is in order.
Connect a hard drive and CleverLoop becomes a business security system that can store months’ worth of continuous, high definition video footage. Just like a regular CCTV system, CleverLoop can provide footage that you can replay and review if looking for the true picture of something that’s happened.
Installation is a breeze with the CleverLoop app guiding you through how to set up the Base Station, indoor and outdoor cameras.
It’s free to provide full app access to your CleverLoop system to others, such as co-owners or managers. And auto arming / disarming your security cameras using the geo-location of connected phones and/or system scheduling, means you’ll never need to wonder if the last person out set the system.
Beyond the upfront purchase price, CleverLoop has no ongoing costs. That’s right, there are no monthly payments to a security firm, no monitoring fees, no call out fees and no additional storage costs.
Better security for less money means higher profits and better business.


Prevent Staff Theft
Traditional CCTV systems are often used as a deterrent to staff theft, and to provide evidence of wrongdoing.
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Monitor Customers
Using a HD smart security camera system is an effective way to monitor customers no matter what type of business you run.
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Secure Stock
Moving stock through a business is key to profits, but only if it’s paid and accounted for.
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By connecting an external hard drive, CleverLoop acts like a CCTV security system for business use, meaning you can review the continuous footage from past days or weeks.
Being able to view camera feeds live on a smartphone via the security app provides business owners and managers with the chance to check-in on what’s happening in the workplace. Especially useful for when you are in the back office or away for short or extended periods.
Retail store security cameras are an obvious way to way to catch shoplifters. As well as store security, small business security cameras effectively monitor customers and clients in cafes, restaurants, bars, reception areas, small offices and workshops.
Whether you’re looking to protect staff, stock, cash areas or expensive equipment, it’s the ability to constantly monitor and record the activities of customers for future reference that makes CleverLoop so useful in these situations.
Using a worry free business security system, with multiple cameras, can reduce stock losses.
Stock can go missing from several places, so investing in a warehouse security system or placing surveillance in loading areas and storerooms allow for better control over stock. Install a CleverLoop system with four HD cameras, and you instantly have a powerful business security system. Need to cover more areas? Simply install additional Base Station to multiply your protection.
Prevent Break-Ins
Night vision, instant video alerts and free cloud back-up of important clips, provides ideal security for small business.
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Deter Vandalism
Using outdoor cameras around business premises is an effective way to catch vandals defacing and damaging property.
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Unless CCTV cameras are monitored 24/7, a break-in may go undetected for hours. And motion detection alarms don’t let you see what’s happening, instead requiring quick decisions about paying call out fees or going to check if it’s a genuine break-in.
CleverLoop Base Station analyses every moment of footage from cameras, 24/7. Smart filtering means you are notified only when it matters and can live-view to confirm the required action, from wherever you are.
With CleverLoop armed to monitor areas where there shouldn’t be any people after hours, instant video alerts allow for quick response and provide secure video evidence.
Not only is vandalism expensive and time consuming to clean up, but it’s also a sign of other and possibly more serious problems ahead. With outdoor cameras, you can watch for problems outside, before trouble gets a chance to move inside.


Loading Bay
Behind Counter
Entrances and Reception
Outdoor Areas
Your storeroom is probably full of valuable supplies and products, and any product taken it without payment hits the bottom line.The question is, how much of what your business owns do you want to protect? Whether your storeroom is used for non-display stock, or for keeping food, wine and liquor in the hospitality business, a storeroom or warehouse security system will help control stock leakage.
Small business security cameras make a difference as they deter employee pilfering and allow you to live view cameras or replay recorded security footage. Difficult to keep an eye on shop and storeroom? As a retail store security system, CleverLoop also helps you monitor customers.
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Smart security camera systems hеlр соntrоl unаuthоrizеd access to nоn-рubliс areas, such as lоаding bауѕ and courier drop off points.
Connect a hard drive to CleverLoop Base Station and it’s a CCTV system that records footage for you to review later if needed.
Place and arm a CleverLoop business security camera at your rear delivery door or loading bay and you’ll not only receive instant video alerts to your smartphone that show deliveries, but you’ll also receive alerts of anyone else going near that area or removing parcels.
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Many retail store security systems include one camera covering the entire front counter to try and protect all your takings in the till.Huge opportunity lost! A security camera at eye level behind the counter, giving an unblocked view towards customers, provides the best chance to identify and arrest robbers.
Conceal the camera or keep it in plain sight, but make sure you back it up. A single CleverLoop system supports 4 HD cameras, so use other cameras to monitor the whole of counter or difficult to watch corners.
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For staff safety reasons, small businesses such as offices and workshops, often have security cameras at the entrance and reception.
By recording who comes and goes, it’s possible link unusual events to particular people. Also, if a reception is unstaffed, it’s easy to see if someone goes behind a counter and steals personal or business property.
Installing an HD smart security system also lets you receive clear video images of any unwanted visitors after-hours. CleverLoop’s detection algorithms filter out unimportant movements, delivering important clips directly to your smartphone.
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Having weatherproof outdoor cameras as an option means you can head off trouble before it enters a building.
CleverLoop is a business security system that also allows you to monitor the outside of your premises, which is a highly effective way to protect a business because you can respond to trouble quickly, thereby minimizing damage and loss.
Outdoor cameras connect to the Base Station using your business's existing WiFi network or through an Ethernet cable connection, allowing you to monitor side alleys, back doors, customer parking out front and driveways.
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Powerful, flexible and easy to use
The features offer real peace of mind as to the security of our premises at any time, and are flexible enough to handle the different phases of work we go through.
Thanks CleverLoop, you've really added to the security of our cafe
It's given us peace-of-mind knowing that if something unusual happens then we can check it out on video. Even better because there are no ongoing fees.
Protecting our home and office
We live and work from our 3 level house. The CleverLoop system has given us peace of mind knowing our property is now under reliable video surveillance.
Helps to manage shops in different cities
With the standard camera placements that a shop would have for security purposes, and the ability to live view any of those cameras from any smartphone, anywhere, is the key to us.
Really convenient to use
Having video protection during the day and night has given us even more security and being able to view the videos and control the system from my iPhone makes it really convenient to use. Plus, there’s no monthly fee to pay which means the system will pay for itself in no time.


Base Station
Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
Support up to 4 HD cameras, outdoor and/or indoor
Smart in-home analysis with rapid learning algorithm
Processor: 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 Quad-core
Bus: DDR 800 MHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Storage: 8 GB on-board storage
Instant alerts and mobile applications
Live-viewing of cameras
Optional scheduled inactive times
Offline alarm
Width: 4.33” (11cm)
Height: 1.18” (3cm)
Saves 7 days of event video clips with optional cloud storage
Free and unlimited downloading and sharing of event video clips
Supports external USB storage devices for CCTV like continuous video footage storage*
* With default 720p recording resolution, a 1TB hard drive can save up to 45 days of continuous video footage.
720p HD Camera
Wide angle FOV Lens
2-Way Audio
Automatic Night Vision
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
Wire Ethernet
9ft / 3m Power Cable Length
Plug Fits Standard Wall Sockets
Compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE) kits*
*Not supplied
720p HD Camera
60° FOV Lens
Water Proof
Automatic Night Vision
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
Wire Ethernet
9ft / 3m Power Cable Length
Plug Fits Standard Wall Sockets
Compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE) kits*
Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F / -20C to 60C
*Not supplied


Security cameras for fast-food outlets, cafés and restaurants

You don’t often hear cappuccino and security camera in the same sentence, but when you run a business that serves some of the best coffee in town and you want to make sure you protect your business, your staff and your customers, they kind of go together!


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